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Anybody using 30fps for Sound Speed

     I'm trying to get some idea on how many or how much use there is of film 
     being shot a 30 fps at sound sync speed vs. 24 fps traditional for telecine 
     transfer, either short form or long form.  This includes both 3 perf and 4 
     perf frame size.
     I would assume the goal would be to eliminate 3-2 pull down sequencing, but 
     I'm not a telecine expert like you guys out there and need enlightening.
     I am aware of the hesitation to transfer 3 perf by post facilities,  due to 
     the unusual CRT scan area, but would like to hear comments.
     What are the benefits?  What are the disadvantages.  Is it an orphanded 
     format, never really adopted?
     Look forward to your comments.
     Nathan Simmons
     Sony Digital Systems
     Hollywood, Ca

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