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Re: Anybody using 30fps for Sound Speed

On 14 Oct 95 12:24:14 est, you wrote:

>     I'm trying to get some idea on how many or how much use there is of film 
>     being shot a 30 fps at sound sync speed vs. 24 fps traditional for telecine 
>     transfer, either short form or long form.  This includes both 3 perf and 4 
>     perf frame size.
>     I would assume the goal would be to eliminate 3-2 pull down sequencing, but 
>     I'm not a telecine expert like you guys out there and need enlightening.
Whenever I'm hired to help shoot bluescreen effects shots, I always
request 30 fps because at 30 frames a lot of motion strobing is
eliminated, which in turn makes for cleaner edges and therefore
cleaner mattes.

I do run into resistance from those who don't like things to look
quite so "sharp and video-like" and sometimes I lose the battle, but
mostly people are interested in having their effects work well.

This is strictly for TV, of course.


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