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Re: TLC Mode 8 with DAT

Gary Adams from DaVinci/TLC commented:  "So far,  no machine other than the
Nagra suports the ability to jam the tape timer with timecode for the purposes
of synchronization."

Actually, on those rare occasions when I have to lay down a film picture to a
3/4" tape on a Sony BVU with marginal time-code, I've found I've been able to
use Mode 8 on TLC, which apparently gets the control-track signal off the
videotape and turns it into quasi-time-code.  It's not quite frame-accurate,
but with practice, you can get pretty close to dead-on sync.

If I got in a DAT that didn't have enough pre-roll, first I'd yell at the
client, then I'd slap them, shoot the sound crew, then I'd try just dubbing the
entire thing to 3/4" (or another compatible format), and put the DAT time-code
on one channel and the soundtrack on another channel.  If you really wanted to
be slick, I guess you could dub both channels of DAT to DA-88, then the DAT
time-code to another audio channel, then stripe good unbroken time-code to the
DA-88's own time-code track.  

Beyond that, my advice would be that some DAT decks have more capabilities than
others.  Which specific DAT decks have you tried for playback?  When I really
run up against the wall, I just do a Gang Trim In and add X seconds until I do
have enough pre-roll on the DAT, even if they miss the slate.  As long as we
know it's in sync, that's all that really matters.

Lastly:  Just ran my first session on Artisan, and found it interesting (if not
quirky).  Important suggestion:  unless you want all of us to go F-in' blind,
please give us the ability to choose any size for the graphics, displays,
lettering, and windows!  6-point type on a 17" S-VGA monitor over a 14-hour
session is not my idea of a good time.

--Marc Wielage
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