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30FPS work

>From Remote                   30FPS work
Interesting comments about 30FPS work. On the plus side is the freedom  from
motion artifacts as Bob Kertesz notes. On the down side is the  use of more
stock (not an issue for effects work). 

Another plus for effects work is that is simplifies tracking frame counts  and
timecodes and makes it easier to integrate with other 30-frame  material such as

One more down side is that the scan patch is smaller for 30FPS and  therefore
CRT grain and all those unsightly URSA lines become more of  an issue.  Again,
for effects work, you are likely to be non-realtime  pin registering your work,
so that goes away. But watch out for this  if you are doing realtime transfers
(even RTS or Jumpfree stuff). -bt

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