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RE: Dat sync

>.. BEWARE!  It will not read SMPTE code in shuttle.  It seems only

>nagra has the bandwidth in their amplifiers to read code at high
This makes it not a lot of fun to do dailies....  right Wayne?


I had this problem with reading tc in shuttle-mode on our fostex 
1/4"'s. I asked the audio engineer to turn the slewspeed down a little and it 
worked fine after that. Granted, it takes a little longer to wind the reels 
to the head but after that the difference is hardly noticeable. Even on 
selected takes, the next take on the 1/4" is usually not that far away. But a 
solid tc read in shuttle is a nice thing!

By the way - does anyone really 
notice a difference in quality on 1/4" that was recorded in 15ips rather than 
7.5??? The only difference I notice is that I have to change the reels twice 
as often.. 8^(


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