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Keycode readers

After working with an Aatonsystem for a while, I'm back to the evertz 4025. 
Now I'm having the same problem that the keycode isn't updating fast enough. 
Our telecine-prep doesn't put leader in between cam. rolls, so the tailpunch 
is sometimes only a few frames apart from the next headpunch.
With the 
aaton, that wasn't a problem. Since keylink V5.2 it updates the keycode 
within a frame - not the evertz thou. Sometimes clients complain when the 
punches are off by a frame. To avoid that, there seem's to be only one way - 
read the new keycode and put evertz in "jam never". Well, that sure slows you 
down, espacially when the client is burning shortends (I hate that!) and you 
end up having 10 cam. rolls an a labroll.
Now, I'm wondering if the slow 
update is a problem with the reader (Digisync, evertz) or the evertz 4025? 
Does the location of the readerhead to the gate make a difference?
Here at 
Foto-Kem, the readerheads on the mark III's are all mounted after the first 
tensionarm and the next roller. Is there maybe a better location? Further 
away from the gate?

One more - since that nice "JAM" button on the 
evertzpanel still doesn't work (when you press it twice it say's "STILL 
DOESN'T WORK" - I hate that too   ;^)  ), is there a way to just wire a 
switch between the evertz and the reader to interrupt keycode reading so once 
it has the new keycode, prerolling into the previous roll doesn't affect the 
new keycode read?

Hmm, I'm just wondering if I'm the only one with this 
problem (terrible thought..)

Any idea's?


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