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Artisan Font Size

Marc Wielage Wrote that he was having trouble with the font size on the

You can change it using the mouse on the left hand side of the window you wish
to alter.  I know 'Cos I squinted for a session last week after putting my new
software in!  Only problem now is where to put everything in the screen and also
decide how much you want on the screen at all.  Thinking of getting large Sony
projection screen so I can see everything!

Only slightly crazy after spending 25 mins matching an ear of corn and a
Tortilla.... Ran out of windows, KV's and ended up sending the clients out into
daylight for recalibration!

Ken Robinson
Wandering Colorist (lived 8 countries now! And this could be the one to stay
New Art Digital

BTW Anyone know anyone who is a good Flame op/ed who wants a great time and a

PLS let me know!

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