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Re: Keycode readers

>  is there a way to just wire a 
> switch between the evertz and the reader to interrupt keycode reading so
> it has the new keycode, prerolling into the previous roll doesn't affect
> new keycode read?

    The keykode information in sent to the 4025 whenever the keykode reader
successfully reads another barcode.  By switching off this serial line, the
4025 will simply count feet & frames, and will ignore any updates from the
keykode reader.  At Encore Video, we modified the 4025s by installing a wire
to the output of the RS232 receiver chip.  I'm not sure which chip offhand,
but it's on the motherboard, in the back.  This line runs to a switch mounted
on the colorists console.  Pressing the switch shorts the RS232 data to
ground (crude,... but effective).  Handy for those times when prerolling over
a splice would upset the 4025 for the first few feet of the take.

Hans Lehmann
Encore Video

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