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Re: Keycode readers

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Kay Sievert wrote:

> Sometimes clients complain when the punches are off by a frame. To 
> avoid that, there seem's to be only one way - 
> read the new keycode and put evertz in "jam never". Well, that sure slows you 
> down, especially when the client is burning shortends (I hate that!)

Do you use Keylog with your system?  It "does the math" to enter proper in 
and out points at kk break points.  If I remember correctly, the 4025 
actually "flywheels" for five frames before calculating what should have 
been actually read as the first frame at the break, then enters this 
number as the new event's in-point in the Keylog event list, updating the 
out-point of the previous reel at the same time in the list.  I went 
through a lot of testing and file swapping with Alan Lambshead at Evertz 
when I first got Keylog and discovered some math discrepencies in the 
list entries about a year-and-a-half ago while at VTA.  He was extremely 
responsive and fast with fixes at that time.
> Does the location of the readerhead to the gate make a diffence?

Should be mounted on the roller just before the gate, with the reader head 
positioned between the spring tension arm and aforementioned roller.  
And, of course, your head offsets have to be correctly calculated for 
accurate reads.

> One more - since that nice "JAM" button on the 
> evertzpanel still doesn't work (when you press it twice it say's "STILL 
> DOESN'T WORK" - I hate that too   ;^)  

I believe this snide little message from Evertz, which I also found 
unamusing after the first time I saw it, is actually a mode indicator - 
you have to have everything set up for Jam mode for it to "take" it and 
go into jam.  Again, if I remember correctly, this means valid external 
code present, film running and locked, then hit Jam.  However, without a 
manual in front of me, I may be incorrect or incomplete here.
There are also gpi's in the 4025.  Again, without a manual in front of 
me, I don't recall all of the functions available.  One of them may 
accomplish what you want to do with disabling the read momentarily.  With 
Keylog, the system just works fine, though.  I consider it a "must have" 
for KK dailies work with the 4025.

Ralph Edwards

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