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Re: Has anyone worked with this guy?

Jeff asks:

>Is it Yuri Neyman (sp??)?  I don't know him, but as I recall he shot the indy
>feature "Liquid Sky" a few years back (maybe around 83-84) 

If it is the same guy, it's worth noting that Liquid Sky was transferred
from a print.  I was working at Magno in NYC when it was transferred,
supervised.  I didn't do the transfer as I was on another project (it was an
Italian film, "Night of the Shooting Stars" or something) at the time, but
when it was over I think poor Martin had to take a day or two off.  Yuri was
hard to work with, I guess. 

If it's a different Yuri then perhaps I should be glad I didn't give that
name to either of my kids!


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