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Re: Keycode readers

>After working with an Aatonsystem for a while, I'm back to the evertz 4025.
>Now, I'm wondering if the slow
>update is a problem with the reader (Digisync, evertz) or the evertz 4025?

As mentioned elsewhere, the Digisync transmits every readable keykode
number - whar the receiver does with it is where the problems begin.

>... prerolling into the previous roll doesn't affect the
>new keycode read?
>Hmm, I'm just wondering if I'm the only one with this
>problem (terrible thought..)

No you aren't the only one with this problem! Indeed, the problem shows up
in other systems, too. I have used the TLC FLEx logging system and had
similar problems. The software people are going to have to be made to set
thru a session out here in the real world.

(Of course, we now have an opportunity for daVinci to repeat history on the
rewrite of the TLC system internal to the Artisan. I hope to be able to
report on the success of this project in the near future. THAT WAS A HINT!)

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--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

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