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Re: Artisan Font Size

On Oct 17, 10:51, David L. Tosh wrote:
} Subject: Re: Artisan Font Size

> On some of the windows, you can press the right mouse button and select
> FONTS form the pop-up menu. Some of the DUI windows don't have this menu
> and I couldn't find an alternate method. I have been using 24pt courrier
> BOLD font in terminal window. Is this just a sign I need new glasses?

I'm told Bilberry extract was used by RAF fliers in WWII to improve
their eyesight.

If Artisan is on top of XWindows on the Indy (I forget if that's the
case) then one should be able to specify the font in the Xresources
file for that window application.  I'm waiting for someone (Andy
Sackheim?) to chime in from daVinci.


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