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Re: TLC Mode 8 with DAT


Why not do what Pogle does and allow mixed prerolls - i.e., different
prerolls for each machine? For instance, we set the Rank preroll to 5 or 7
feet, a VTR to 5 seconds, and the Nagra-T (or DAT) to 3 seconds. This
usually saves us the need for a mode 8 type approach. With DAT we can
sometimes lock up in 2 seconds if we need to. Another Pogle editing
function that we've found useful is the ability to mix edit modes, i.e.,
insert on a DCT while assembling on a 3/4. Having not seen the Artisan TLC
port, I don't know if you've already implemented similar functions, but
they should certainly be considered. Oh, and one more thing ... how about
automatic loading of configuration files for different machines (you
already recognize most machine types), instead of manual entry of trims????
Now if only Pogle kept an interactive EDL..... Sorry, getting carried

Mike (now Technical Director, Encore Video)

Michael D. Most           |            Encore Video
mmost at cerf.net            |            Hollywood, CA.

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