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Re: Artisan Font Size

>>I have to admit before I used my brain I was using 8 point and really
>Try to change the font on the scratchpad (memories) window.

>--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
>--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood

Oops erased all the memories!  No, you are quite right, but from my perspective
I never read them anyway!  All in the head you know!  What actually happens is
that I am in too much of a hurry to to put any information into the memory, and
I find that the 5 mems with easy access are fine for me.  Any more choices
needed, then I use the scroll mode......  Jam a scene number and go for it!


BTW anyone able to land all the aircraft on the Flight Sim?  I can!  Even tried
shooting up the runway before landing, but the program won't damage the ground,
just your plane if you run into the explosion.  I have also found that you can
lock your own missile onto yourself!  A quick reprogram and maybe someone can
get Yuri???

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