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Re: Keycode readers

>> Sometimes clients complain when the punches are off by a frame

Have you checked that in fact your reader is calibrated to the correct
sporocket ? This would account for the code "sometimes" being a frame out. ie
It would be correct if the code falls on sprockets 1-3, but not if it is on
perf 4. 

>>Foto-Kem, the readerheads on the mark III's are all mounted after the first 
tensionarm and the next roller. Is there maybe a better location? Further 
away from the gate?

I like the reader as near to the gate as possible, ie as you have it after the
rollers and before the gate. This is standard in Europe. The problem is that if
you move it further away, the keycode is updated before the new scene has
entered the gate and been scanned. It is then posible to have code from the new
scene recorded over the end punch of the last scene, if little space is left
between them. This is a particular problem with selects.

Out of curiosity why did you change from the Aaton system back to Evertz?


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