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TLC and Nagra

Sorry if you receive duplicate coppies of my messages as I incorrectly 
clicked on the wrong address.

I have been travelling and sometimes not able to check into the net on 
a timely basis.  I appreciate the discussion on sound sync and the TLC. 

While not wanting to copy other vendor's features, the concept of 
multiple prerolls has long been on my wish list for the TLC.  We are 
also looking into independant track selection, and independant insert 
and assemble modes for each device.  There is also the posibility of 
synchronizing the audio to a different point after the edit point, but 
somehow preserving the audio sync relationship in the database.  I am 
open to thoughts on this.  The main criteria in all of this is keeping 
the keystrokes down and getting the job done.  I want to have one key 
that says here are the sync points, log the data and perform the 
transfer and don't give me any static.
Thanks to David Tosch and Mike Most.  As always, your suggestions are 
welcome.  Gary Adams

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