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KeyKode Readers

In response to the KeyKode reader discussion, we now have the 
opertunity to improve the TLC handling of the data.  Currently the TLC 
will properly synchronize and log a KeyKode frame just after a splice 
provided you at least play the telecine into the new part of the roll 
and allow the TLC to "LOK" the data.  You may then go back to any 
frame, even at the splice, mark in the point and perform the edit.  The 

TLC will flywheel the edge code numbers as if there was infinite code 
ahead of the edit point.  This is much like the Nagra Mode 8, but you 
don't need to manually select this operation.  It always works this 
We are now in the process of greatly improving the TLC's KeyKode 
ability.  We now are accurate down to the perf for all supported 
readers.  Our new "Logging on the Fly" mode (available in the new TLC2 
and DUI systems) with the LTC reader should make this logging process 
even faster for those transfers where stopping the film is not 
I am also happy to sit in on transfer sessions and make more 
improvements.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Gary Adams, TLC Product Manager

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