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webpage improvements

I've built and tested a search engine for the webpage, that looks at
all the message traffic in this group from the beginning.  It's
available in the 'engineering & the practical colorist' area of the
first section of the webpage.  When you get to the engineering page,
you'll see a link to 'archive search'; this will take you into the
search engine.

The files searched are currently rather large, they are compiled
monthly, and that's not the ideal way to go, but at least it's
something.  I'll be trying to improve this.  In the meantime, realize
that if you download these files, some are upwards of 200k, and will
take a little time to transfer-- not to mention loading my server,
which at a 28.8k connection is starting to bog a bit.  Go easy on me!
Actually, the archive search is performed on a different host (the
Sparcstation) than the main web stuff, to spread the load a little.  I
haven't yet decided on an update schedule for these archives, they are
current as of yesterday.

Oh, and your browser should support forms for the search engine to
work well, though there is a link to the old-fashioned way.


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