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Re: Artisan Font Size

Andy Sackheim sez:  "We have tried to make the "most used" displays have fonts
that can be adjusted.  If there are others that need them, please let us know."

Trust me:  after 14 hours of watching a bad, about-to-be-cancelled sitcom, you
won't be able to read 48-point Helvetica on your damned screen.

Seriously, we want the ability to adjust the size of *every* font and display
on *every* window on Artisan.  And that includes the Scratchpad window (which I
could really use).  BTW:  Maybe I'm too brain-damaged from intense staring at
CRTs for two decades, but I sure as hell couldn't figure out a way to add
comments to the first half-dozen or so scratchpads.  After those, I figured out
the keystroke sequence to add comments to the rest of 'em.  

Also:  I'd like to see a linear left-to-right display like the ones used on the
"old" DaVinci just for relative gain settings (lift gain, gamma gain, luminance
gain, etc.).  Barring that, just relative numbers from 0-100 would be fine. 
The RGB bar-graphs are nice, but I'd like the other one as well just to see
at-a-glance where the hell the settings are.

Finally:  I'm astounded that you guys still require us to hit Color/Pan to get
into the different lists.  Do me a favor and see if they can program it so that
if you're in the pan list and just *touch* any color control, the Artisan goes
_back_ into Color mode.  This has gotta be possible!  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood

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