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Re: Artisan Font Size

In a message dated 95-10-19 11:15:52 EDT, Marc Wielage wrote:

>Trust me:  after 14 hours of watching a bad, about-to-be-cancelled sitcom,
>won't be able to read 48-point Helvetica on your damned screen.


>Also:  I'd like to see a linear left-to-right display like the ones used on
>the "old" DaVinci just for relative gain settings (lift gain, gamma gain,
>luminance gain, etc.).  Barring that, just relative numbers from 0-100 would
be fine. 
>The RGB bar-graphs are nice, but I'd like the other one as well just to see
>at-a-glance where the hell the settings are.
I asked for the same thing.  I was referred to something similar that is
accessed through one of the display menus.  I believe it provides what you're
basically asking for. 

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