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GUI? Artisan? Keyboards?? and Rodents

Among the Artisan users out there, please endure a few questions from
someone waiting in the que for delivery of an Artisan (or whatever it's
being called now). Are you using a seperate TLC SVGA monitor, or are you
choosing for it to appear as a window on the Indy monitor?  Also, now that
there appear to be 3 
keyboards (TLC, Indy, and the one in the drawer), are all 3 being used?  If all
3 are being used, are there duplications of function between the Indy keyboard, 
and the daVinci slide out keyboard? Next, how much is the mouse used? I have the
daVinci layout info, but I am attempting to get a grasp on how to best allocate
console real estate.

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