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GUI? Artisan? Keyboards?? and Rodents

I seem to have all keyboards everywhere!  My plan is to put them in slide out
drawers.  The TLC being on top as it should be used more.  (Bye bye flight
simulator!). I have the TLC monitor and a window if I want.  To be quite honest
I haven't had any jobs that have needed anything more than crash record.

I use the mouse a great deal, as with my menu layout on the monitor I find some
things quicker to adjust with reference to the screen than the desk itself. i.e.
My MNR11 for one.  You will use the pull down menus a great deal as well,
especially when you are first configuring the desktop to suit your needs.
Remember the thread on fonts?!

I have found the system relatively easy having walked in from RSQ and Pogle
recently.  I have used the older styles in the past, and I have to say that it
is much easier NOT having to remember the "set up" codes.  Some funny things
were happening to me, but I found that I had a corrupted config file.

New Art

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