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Re: GUI? Artisan? Keyboards?? and Rodents

Craig Nichols writes:
> Among the Artisan users out there, please endure a few questions from
> someone waiting in the que for delivery of an Artisan (or whatever it's
> being called now). Are you using a seperate TLC SVGA monitor, or are you
> choosing for it to appear as a window on the Indy monitor?  Also, now that
> there appear to be 3 
> keyboards (TLC, Indy, and the one in the drawer), are all 3 being used?  If all
> 3 are being used, are there duplications of function between the Indy keyboard, 
> and the daVinci slide out keyboard? Next, how much is the mouse used? I have the
> daVinci layout info, but I am attempting to get a grasp on how to best allocate
> console real estate.


To answer your question, yes, yes, no, yes, no and yes.  All kidding aside
though...  Originally, we started to ship the integrated TLC with an external
VGA and keyboard.  It was always planned to stop that practice as soon 
as it was practical.  It is now practical.  

We are in the process of phasing out the need for the external VGA monitor
and keyboard.  However as an *OPTION* both the keyboard and the VGA monitor
are still available to use as an additional "workstation" for the TLC.

Currently shipping systems have an integrated TLC window on the Indy and
the current Keytronics TLC keyboard can be pluged in place of the Indy
keyboard.  As soon as the keycaps arrive, we will phase out the Keytronics
keyboard and just provide TLC style keycaps for the Indy's own keyboard.

What does this all mean?  To answer your question, you will only need the
daVinci's keyboard and the Indy's keyboard (with TLC keycaps). This should
reduce the need for additional real estate since the need for a VGA monitor
is no longer a requirement.  Actually, if we had keycaps for the daVinci's
own slide-out keyboard, it could work, too. Naw!  BTW the way that the
system knows to send keyboard input to the TLC is by having the Indy's
cursor in the TLC window.  Otherwise keyboard input is assumed to be for
the daVinci.

Hope that answers your questions... and then some.

Andy Sackheim
Director of Engineering

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