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This Message was originally sent to this group and to Kay directly on October 11.  Due 
to some quirks with email addressing it was not delevered to this group.  I am sending 
it again for the benefit of all.

You Kay Sievert wrote: 
> Hi Alan,
> I'm wondering if you ever got my reply to your e-mail? I put a lot 
> of thought into it and now I'm wondering if your were realy 
> interessted in suggestions from telecine colorists - or was the reason 
> for your posting to show the community on the internet that Evertz is watching (but 
> listening?) to what's going on out there?
> No offense, but a short reply would have done 
> - even if you think that my idea's were all worthless..

Sorry you didn't get my response, it must have almost bumped into your 
message on the 'net'.  Your e-mail to me was dated Thurs, Oct 5 afternoon, 
and probably didn't arrive here until after the close of our business 

I was off on vacation on Friday, Oct 6.  Monday, Oct 9 was the Canadian 
Thanksgiving and I was tied up in meetings all day Tuesday. My response 
was sent to you on Wednesday.  With the shortened work weeks, I was not 
able to respond as quickly as usual. Sorry.

I do appreciate the fact that you and others have taken the time to give 
us feedback on various products.  Many of your ideas have good merit and 
in fact you will probably see them in the next release of Key-Log.
We [Evertz] watch this mailing list every day, not for our 'image' - since 
we rarely make a public posting, but in order to learn and respond.   I am 
currently working on a major new release of KeyLog and comments and 
suggestions like yours are valuable in shaping the software.

Please let me know if you get this response.


Alan Lambshead,
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

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