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announcement of web capability

This announcement supercedes the one I made a couple of days ago about
archives on the web.

1) Available now on the telecine webpage(s): 'linked archive string
search'.  All the messages from the beginning of telecine group time
(July, 1994) are hyperlinked in one huge database, searchable
initially by a string of your choosing.

2) If you prefer just to browse the message archives on the web, that's
also possible now-- you can browse by date, by subject, by author;
each thread is linked together, and links at the end and the beginning
point the way to related articles.  This actually might be more
powerful than the first option above.  

Both of these choices are at the top of the 'reference materials and
archives' subpage, reached via the link on the main page, or at this


(the name "engineering.html" is retained only for histerical reasons)

If you have web access, and can try this archive stuff, I'd really
like to know what you think.  I think it's pretty powerful, but I'm

The load on my network is somewhat reduced now because the seaching
retrieves individual articles, rather than the previous method of  at 20k
files.  The only big hit is the initial index retrieval, in the case
of the keyword search it's about 70k, in the case of the direct
message archive access, around 150k.  Hopefully everyone has fast net
connections now ;-).

oh, a note: the webpage(s) are oriented toward maximum information
retrieval in the shortest time possible.  To that end, there are no
fancy graphics.  Somewhat against the grain of the web, I know.  But
if you've experienced the HotJava browser and the Java applets, you
won't be happy with simple graphics anymore, anyway.


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