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Re: GUI? Artisan? Keyboards?? and Rodents

>What does this all mean?  To answer your question, you will only need the
>daVinci's keyboard and the Indy's keyboard (with TLC keycaps). This should
>reduce the need for additional real estate since the need for a VGA monitor
>is no longer a requirement.  Actually, if we had keycaps for the daVinci's
>own slide-out keyboard, it could work, too. Naw!  BTW the way that the
>system knows to send keyboard input to the TLC is by having the Indy's
>cursor in the TLC window.  Otherwise keyboard input is assumed to be for
>the daVinci.
>Hope that answers your questions... and then some.
>Andy Sackheim
>Director of Engineering
Thanks Andy,

You just made things much more clear, and saved me some valuable console space.
I am assuming that the mouse (aka rodent) is used to position the Indy
cursor and thus switch windows?


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