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Re: pantywaist

At 11:49 AM 10/18/95, Bill Topazio wrote:
>>From Remote                   RE> pantywaist
>I believe the correct expression is "Panty Waste", which occurs frequently  at
>fraternity houses. ..... first recorded  use of the phrase by one
>Incontinentia Buttocks of Rome during the reign  of Tiberius Claudius c. AD 42.

I'm sorry to disagree with my learned colleague, Dr. William Topazio, the
etymology of the phrase is abundantly obvious to those versed in the early
Celtic and Welsh traditions. The name derives from the small Welsh village, alas
now lost to us, of Pant-y-Ueste, which was infamous in the latter half of the
sixth century, for the resurgence of Celtic fertility rites to which druids and
witch covens would travel from all over Northern Europe. The village is named
from the many discarded girdle and girth straps which would be strewn around
the site of the previous night's revelry, removed in haste and lust by the
partygoers of the Dark Ages.

Mike O

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