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judging color correction

About ten days ago I had the distinction of being a judge for the
Final Monitor Awards in Color Correction here in Los Angeles.  I was
joined by Bob Festa, Mark Wilkens (spelling?), Ted Rosenfeld, and
another colorist whose name I missed.  

I appreciate the honor of being chosen to judge, but as the entries
proceeded, I was scratching my head a bit at the criteria, or lack
thereof: how the heck do you judge color correction?  Of the 6 entries
in the Feature Film category, there were three animated films entered.
How the heck do I differentiate between Snow White and Lion King?

To be sure, the results of the arduous awards process are made more
valid, now that the entries are viewed on D2 --I had the opportunity a
couple of years ago to attempt an adjudication based on viewing
3/4"...  but I would like to ask the erstwhile members of this group
if anyone has an idea how the ITS could make these awards more
believable.  I can see judging editing, direction, lighting, but color
correction?  How do we know what went on in the session?  How do we
know what material the colorist had to work with?

In deference to ITS, I think the individuals working on these awards
have the best intentions, Suzanne Pye and Bob Coleman are to be
thanked, but if we could devise some better criteria, it might improve
the situation.


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