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Re: judging color correction

I see what you mean. Sort of like having an Emmy for "Best Processing 
by a Film Lab". The question is: How has the Colorist added to the 
aesthetic value of this piece? And how could you separate that from, 
say, the Art Director's role or perhaps the film just was shot right 
to begin with (OK, forget that last one, but there IS some film that 
one would just plain have to work hard at to make look bad). Too many 
times it just comes down to whether it's a good spot or not, influenced 
by other factors (script, music, etc.).

This may be a touchy subject, but I don't think the ITS is in a position 
to judge an award like this. The only true judge of what a Colorist adds 
are the people in session. To this end, maybe it is the clients (Art 
Directors, DPs) who should be making this judgment.

I want to stop short of saying that this award has no merit; I fully 
understand and appreciate what the role of the Colorist is, I just 
get the feeling that this is not the best way to show that appreciation.


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