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Re: Judge this!!!

On Oct 23, 13:23, Bob Festa wrote:
} Subject: Judge this!!!

> The only reason that we were judges this year is because our entries did'nt
> make the finals.  

True.  And this may be why I want to change the modus operandi.

> Putting Forest Gump up against
> Snow White just does'nt seem to fit any categorical judging criteria.

You're right, this is where anyone would be fuddled.

> Here's the hot tip. Lets dispense with the current system and say that one
> piece of cut negative is sent to all prospective applicants. All colorists
> work on the same piece of film and record to a composite format. A single

Hmm.  It would have to be a mix of neg, print, and IP, to even the
playing field.  Perhaps you have just one roll, that travels from
colorist to colorist.  Call the competition "World Cup Color". 

But the problem with all this is it doesn't have the public relations
cachet of presenting awards on work done for air, where there are
additional hooks for products/agencies/facilities.  

So, assuming the ITS won't go along because your idea voids some
important PR for them, shall we do this ourselves, and present our own
award?  It would be a real trade award, completely in our grasp from
beginning to end...


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