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Re: Judge this!!!

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995 13:23:42 -0700, you wrote:

>Here's the hot tip. Lets dispense with the current system and say that one
>piece of cut negative is sent to all prospective applicants. All colorists
>work on the same piece of film and record to a composite format. A single
>screen split is arranged so that transfers are seen up against each other.
>Apples vs. apples. It seems simple enough to me. One colorist's
>interpretation against the other.
>Bob Festa                                    Festa at earthlink.net

Although not a colorist (but someone who was a judge one year in the
dim and distant past), this certainly sounds like the way to judge the
skills of the person in the chair.

Of course, some of the footage selected has to have been shot by
someone with little skill and plenty of ego, preferably under 25 so
that they still know everything (can't imagine WHERE we'd locate a DP
like that), so that the colorist has to deal with at least some film
requiring real first aid.

Also, there was an open bar when I was judging.