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Re: 7287 comments?

> I had a session today of which 70% was 16mm 7287 neg,

>The stock is rated at 200 but was shot at 320 

My first experience with this stock was back in the testing phase.  A local
DP shot some at a construction site.  I was amazed at how much he was able
to underexpose it and get good results.  I excitedly raved about the stock
to several clients.

Soon a client showed up with a shoot on this film.  It was incredibly grainy
and I was stunned.  He'd shot as rated, 200ASA.

A quick call to Kodak revealed that the film has, well, unusual exposure
characteristics!  For print, shooting at 200 is just fine, but if you plan
on transferring the stuff, 320 is the minimum, and 400 is better.  The film
has the ability to see forever into the blacks, but the slightest
overexposure creates tons of grain.

This is good film to use in "magic-hour" and twilight.  The relative
flatness of the light prevents highlights from getting too bright, which is
where the grain lives.  Expose at 400ASA.  

The reason the construction site looked OK on the test is that it was shot
indoors in dim lighting.  There were no walls where light could collect, so
there was noplace for the grain to show.  

Used carefully. this can be a good film for telecine, but it's surely not an
all-purpose film!

Robert L.

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