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Re: 7287 comments?

>Robert Lovejoy Wrote:
>> For print, shooting at 200 is just fine, but if you plan
>>on transferring the stuff, 320 is the minimum, and 400 is better. 

Craig Leffel notes:
>I would be very careful about telling DP's to shoot film 1 stop under.

Actually, Kodak sent me some literature to pass out to all the DPs I
encountered, explaining what I was saying then.  For transfer, Kodak wants
the stock rated between 320 and 500, and I've found 400ASA can often get
good results (less grain than 96).  As for saturation, I agree it is a
little less saturated but we can help that out.  As it's lo-con negative, I
expect it to look a bit flatter, but again the telecine can help here as well.  

DPs are indeed a varied bunch, but at least if they rate the film properly
it's a good start!


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