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Re: pantywaist

At 9:31 AM 10/23/95, Michael Taylor wrote:
>You wrote:-
>>I'm sorry to disagree with my learned colleague, Dr. William Topazio, the
>Being of Welsh origins, I belive you have incorrectly named the village.
>Pant-y-Ueste translates from Welsh into "The oak tree by the small church".
>I belive the village you are refering too is
>Pantilioch-y-Ueste-llewellyn-boyo or in English "The young maiden sits
>under Ware "
Mr. Taylor has quite correctly pointed out my mistranslation, but I fear
that he has censored the true meaning of the phrase, which should more
correctly be translated as "The young virgin is throroughly deflowered by
certain citizens of Ware", a sentiment which will surely be familiar to
some of our gentle readers.

As our French colleagues might venture "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme

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