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Re: Judge this!!!

At 1:23 PM 10/23/95, Bob Festa wrote:

>>I can see judging editing, direction, lighting, but color
>>correction?  How do we know what went on in the session?  How do we
>>know what material the colorist had to work with?
>Here's the hot tip. Lets dispense with the current system and say that one
>piece of cut negative is sent to all prospective applicants. All colorists
>work on the same piece of film and record to a composite format. A single
>screen split is arranged so that transfers are seen up against each other.
>Apples vs. apples. It seems simple enough to me. One colorist's
>interpretation against the other.

Bob, I have a simpler suggestion:
    send the negative into a suite filled with colorists, together with a
crate of vodka. The colorists drink the vodka, then they all try to *find*
the negative.

Bestest regards
Mike O

P.S. if more than one person finds the negative, the tie-breaker is to lace
up the Rank.

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