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TLC - DUI and Flex Files

     I am sorry to be such a black cloud in regards to the new TLC-DUI.  
But, after reading Gary Adams' posting about all of the new and 
wonderful features currently being offered on the TLC and up coming 
features for the TLC I felt inclined to post a reality check.  Also, 
there has been a great deal of talk on the user's group on the 
subject of Flex files and Keycode readers.   If anyone out there has 
some ideas and can offer assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

     Crawford is currently running  Artisan/DUI's in their 
telecine suites.  Because of the limited edit packages internal to 
the Renaissance and the fact that we wanted our TLC's to be 
integrated into the DUI we opted to trade up our "older model" TLC's 
for the new DUI TLC.  Since the upgrade we have a flood of problems, 
all of which the Dynatech reps. are aware of and are trying to 
correct. Here is a brief list of the problems we are having with the 
new TLC's.
*Reading Keycode:  Within  an un-cut roll of negative the TLC will 
periodicly misread the Keycode numbers from the Evertz 4025.  On one 
event the keycode is reading correctly and on the next it may be off. 
 Usually a (shift/CRT - spacebar - play) will reset the TLC and the 
numbers will read correctly.  Sometimes this has to be done two or 
three times on a single event to make the numbers read correctly.  
This makes the system very unreliable.
*Basic Functions:  When setting up a session for Flex Logging 
the TLC will not retain all of the input information.  The TLC 
selectively retains some items such as reel numbers, and operator 
initials but not the session title, dates, VTR modes ect.  If we go 
back into the edit bins or the set-up modes to change any session 
option the TLC defaults back to information input from a prior 
session.  In the middle of sessions the TLC will change the title of 
the Flex log.  During sessions the TLC will reset VTR offsets and 
modes.  After every transfer we have to check the Flex file for 
accuracy.  Errors are random and numerous.
*Keycode Reading: Inaccuracy in the Keycode reading is frequent.  In 
order to get the TLC to read numbers correctly we must do a RTC 
re-connect or reset the RISC  .  This little dance is 
performed many times during a session.  It has to be done, or the 
numbers are wrong.  Fortunately the Evertz reads correctly and window 
burns can be used to check against our Flex file.
*Edit Functions:  The TLC has a very hard time syncronizing and 
locking up the telecine and VTRs.  It is not uncommon for an event to 
be aborted two or three times before locking up correctly.  Manual 
and automatic calculations for edit durations, commonly used when 
syncing up tail slates, do not work properly. 

     These are only a few of the more major problems we are having. 
All of them do have a work around in order to ensure the Flex logs 
are correct but it is all too time consuming.  There are also 
numerous DUI "Bugs" which I would be happy to discuss with anyone 
also having problems on the new DUI.  The main problem is it's just 
plain slow, especially after importing large EDL's for tape-to-tape 
color correction.  As the color grade list grows, the DUI functions 
slow down.

    If the new DUI TLC's are supposed to be so great, why are we 
having so many problems with ours?  Are we just not living right or 

   One last thing I must mention.  All of the customer service reps 
at Dynatech have been very receptive to our problems and I do believe 
it is their intention to correct this situation as painlessly and as 
quickly as possible.

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