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Re: 7287 comments?

>Various thoughts re 7287
 From what people have been saying here I get the feeling that this 
was not the best stock to use for the shoot in question.
Most of the locations were brightly lit office's with close up's on
vdu screens or interview scenes with added lights.
I will pass on the thought's re exposure to my clients and try to get 
the dop to shoot a test roll at various speeds for future use.

Note to Rob Lingelbach: 
Just like to say thanks for the work you have done on this mailing 
list. My question was posted at 8pm on the monday night and I had 
all the replies when I left for work at 6am tues morning!
Its very useful to be able to converse like this, when by the very 
nature of what we do,most of us are shut away in dim rooms for 
long periods of time.


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