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Re: sync sound with undercrank

>My client wants to undercrank the film while shooting, for playback in
>telecine at 24 fps, to create a 'sped-up' look.  I assume this
>shooting speed would be somewhere around 18-20 fps.
>He wants to shoot sync sound.  Can someone recommend a way to do this?
One way is to shoot sync sound at 20 fps (since the actual Rank speed is about
19.98 it syncs with Nagra and 30 fps code). When you transfer at 24 fps, you
sync the speeded up sound.  If you use a Lexicon the pitch can be restored
to normal. This should work fine.
If you have MetaSpeed, there is a wide range of speeds that should work well
MetaSpeed .01% less than actual camera speed, as long as 30 fps code is on
Otherwise assuming standard Rank varispeeds, I have seen 20 fps sync sound
transferred successfully.
There are other ways to do this, but this strikes me as the easiest.


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