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Re: sync sound with undercrank

>On Oct 25, 18:20, Craig Nichols wrote:
>} Subject: Re: sync sound with undercrank
>> One way is to shoot sync sound at 20 fps (since the actual Rank speed
>> is about 19.98 it syncs with Nagra and 30 fps code). When you transfer
>> at 24 fps, you can sync the speeded up sound.  If you use a Lexicon
>> the pitch can be restored to normal. This should work fine.
>Thanks Craig, I'll suggest that. 

Possible oops!  Actually I neglected to mention that it sometimes can be
difficult to get the Nagra to lock under TLC control with sped up code.
There are two possible ways around this.  One  way is to lock up the Nagra
to Rank biphase (assuming the Nagra has the option installed). Another way
is use the Evertz (or a Magnatek 9F counter) to generate biphase derived
code for the Nagra to chase. I have used the Magnatek for solving similar
problems, and I assume the Evertz will work as well. A Lexicon 2400
suggested for use in this application should not induce any earth wrenching
artifacts if it is set right.