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Re: sync sound with undercrank

At 07:02 PM 10/25/95 -0700, you wrote:
>>On Oct 25, 18:20, Craig Nichols wrote:

>>> One way is to shoot sync sound at 20 fps (since the actual Rank speed
>>> is about 19.98 it syncs with Nagra and 30 fps code).

A good old-fashioned approach occurred to me on this one.  There exists out
there cameras that produce 60Hz pilot (when running at 24 fps) which can
feed the external pilot input of a Nagra 4.2.  The resulting 1/4" neopilot
tape could be transferred on a Nagra T, slaving to Rank biphase.  If the
Nagra T fails at extreme transfer rates, the same 1/4" could be dubbed to
mag, and a Magnatech reproducer will follow anything the rank can do.

Given this setup, your client could run the camera at any damn speed he
wants, and the neopilot will maintain the 24/60 relationship.  Also, you
would not be limited to any given transfer rate in post.  Obviously, you
would still need to pitch-shift the audio if you don't want chipmunks on the


Sam Dlugach

Complete Post, Hollyweird.

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