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Re: sync sound with undercrank

>The biphase driven Evertz 4025 will only generate valid timecode at
>telecine rates of (nominal) 24 and 30fps. 
Yep! Darn!
>On the other hand, an old Gray (non-microprocessor) film code generator has
>some modes available (via internal straps) that do not force the timecode
>to lock to the video reference and could be used to generate off-frequency
>timecode. And even then, the Nagra may not chase sync at speeds very far
>from nominal.
We were able to do this with Magnatek 9F, which like the Gray is non micro
up driven, and has a divide-by that can be changed.  I really don't remember 
how far off speed the Nagra will sync in time code mode, but I do remember it
having some latitude. Biphase syncing of Nagra would probably work, but could
be slow.
>We'll all be using digital audio random access workstations next year anyway.

Best solution. Though perhaps falsely perceived as out of price range of many.
>--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)
>--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood
I like the idea of asking the DP to shoot at something like 18.03.
Unfortunately, I've seen some DPs attempt this kind of thing, but
screw up somehow. 
If you have the luxury of random access DAW, it's probabaly the best way to
sync, and do any pitch correction. 
Another interesting effect could be obtained by using the strobe frame function
of the MetaSpeed. 

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