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>If the new DUI TLC's are supposed to be so great, why are we 
>having so many problems with ours?  Are we just not living right or 

Maybe it is the water here in Atlanta...or the humidity...or the 
system, but the "Gooey" as we call it, is VERY slow.  I think that 
the software writers were DUI [Driving (their computers) Under the 
Influence (of what??)] when they dreamed this Damn Unreliable Invention!

The system slows the larger the list,  scrolling too fast through your 
list will reset your counter, and of course, stopping while waiting for 
screens to write (with a large list, 4 or 5 seconds) really breaks your 
momentum when in a session.

I believe (da Vinci) has missed the point.  If you have to stop and read 
very small text...and wait for screens to write...and constantly worry if 
the system will wipe your list, then the colorist has NO confidence in the 
system.  I hate to say it, but I don't think the "Gooey" is not much beyond 
the alpha development stage.  A graphical interface should be that!  
It should be GRAPHICAL.  A quick glance should graphically tell you what 
you want.

As for the TLC/DUI problems, we are installing the new ASTEC system, 
which does not have any of the TLC problems. 

Ken Chambliss
VTA/Video Tape Associates/Atlanta

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