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Re: sync sound with undercrank

On Oct 26,  4:54, Craig Nichols wrote:
} Subject: Re: sync sound with undercrank

>> We'll all be using digital audio random access workstations next year
>> anyway.

> Best solution. Though perhaps falsely perceived as out of price
> range of many.

> If you have the luxury of random access DAW, it's probabaly the best
> way to sync, and do any pitch correction.  Another interesting effect
> could be obtained by using the strobe frame function of the MetaSpeed.

I'm impressed with the quality and volume of the responses to my
question.  The client, Steve Ho (an old friend whom Dave Tosh and
others may know) asked me this yesterday morning, and 24 hours later
there was an array of information for me to digest.  

Would this be a job for "Scenaria", the Solid State Logic Workstation?

...in the meantime, in consultation with D of E Mike Orton here, his
recommendation is that the client shoot at x fps, where x is a Rank
pulldown speed *plus .1%* (thanks Sam Dlugach for this information as
well), sound crystal sync 30 fps smpte code; transfer at the
corresponding Rank pulldown speed (example 17.95 fps), post-sync the
audio, then playback the video & audio at the desired increased speed,
processing the audio through a Lexicon.


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