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Good to hear from you

>I understand that Raul left suddenly.....?

>From what I gather his vision just didn't jive with management, but I really
don't know the details coz I've been doing CGI  in Cine-Video for the past
year, but 3D stuff just isn't my cup of tea. As for myself I've been asked to
move back to the TC to handle that dept., again ;-), just between the two of
us I don't have any idea where all of this is headed so I guess I'll just
have to keep my eyes peeled for any overseas opportunities since I  don't
have any other options here in Manila. Can't someone just work in peace
without having to deal with all the bull$%! at # company politics? 

>He was talking about another Telecine

I did hear stuff about URSA Gold and Artisan/DUI but no specifics yet since
my transfer hasn't been formalized.

Yup, I'm on the forum as a matter of fact I just posted a message regarding
keycode readers, maybe you'd like to post a comment on that. 
Seem to me like your having a grand time there, are you? BTW I really liked
the RSQ when you gave that demo, but you know I don't make the decisions
(Raul and Bon2 did). I guess that's it for now, keep in touch!

Ciao, don't get too wasted :-)


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