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>> but the "Gooey" as we call it, is VERY slow.

Do you have the VSR option? This includes upgrades to the Indy, including a
faster processor and 1Mb cache. Dui goes like lightning. No waiting, and no
problems scrolling.

What software do you have? I am using 1.3, and find it very reliable.
Could it be you have corrupted configs, from a previous version of software?
I've had this cause trouble before now

>>A graphical interface should be that!  
>It should be GRAPHICAL.  A quick glance should graphically tell you what 
>you want.

Like each scene logged with a graded image, bar charts for all primaries,
vector displays for secondaries, and interactive gamma curves you mean. Works
for me. The clients like it, but I still find that big monitor with the
pictures on it tells me all I need. 
Seems a bit funny to critisize Dui when all we had before was an event list and
a frame counter though.


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