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Re: pogle feature question

<I was interested in this idea too,
<and although I have been unable to try it, it occurred to me that Da Vinci
<DUI, VSR and a Disk recorder will do the same thing, except that it would
<cache a single frame for each scene. To make it really cool it needs to
<he Telecine when a telecine control is touched, maybe the guys in Florida
<could look into that one.

Ah yes, Da Vinci could do it, but the graphic presentation of Pogle is
It presents frames in a film strip along the side of the display and it can
be advanced by click and drag down..If you double click the frame, you get
the frame and timecode numbers displayed.
After looking at this interface at NAB last year, I was sorely disappointed
on the execution of Artisan. 


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