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> Forgive me if I was sleeping when this subject was discussed, but what
> is ASTEC?
> --Rob

No Rob, you did not miss anything; I don't believe ASTEC has been mentioned
here before. Here is the scoop.

ASTEC - Advanced System for Telecine Edit Control was introduced at IBC by
VTA Technologies (handled by Options International). ASTEC is a complete,
easy to use, edit controler that was designed for the telecine suite.

Features include complete machine control of the telecine, pull down control,
KeyKode support, switcher/vtr/noise reducer control, and most every thing
else you would expect from a complete edit system for telecine.

ASTEC will be shipping to its first non-beta test customers in December.

In order to keep this from turning into any more of an ad, I'll leave it
at that and if anyone wants further info they can contact Options or
for specific technical questions you can email me (I'm the designer;
some of you may remember me as the software guy from SteadiFilm).

Greg Ansley				gja at ansley.com
Ansley & Associates, Inc.

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