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spams, and Mandy's Directory.

On Oct 22, 19:42, Mike Orton wrote:

> >From: John Hoare <John at eurocrew.demon.co.uk>
> >Reply-To: john at eurocrew.demon.co.uk
> >To: orton at earthlink.net
> >Subject: Mandy's Directory.
> >Dear Mike Orton,
> >
> >As someone involved in telecine I hope that this will interest you.
> >Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory is the WWW who's who of
> >professional facilities, technicians & producers worldwide.  Look
> >here for detailed curriculum vitaes of telecines in Tennessee,
> >or ratecards of Avid edit-suites in Australia.
> >
> >Website: http://www.mandy.com
> >Email:   john at eurocrew.demon.co.uk

> >Sarah Punchard.

> Hi Rob, does this come under the compass of authorized posts? Looks
> suspiciously like advertising, or worse still, junk E-mail. I will

I'd like to point out to everyone on the mailing list that it's
possible they received this spam of our list by
john at eurocrew.demon.co.uk.  In case you don't know what spam is, it is
a commercial posting to the members of the list...  Our mailing list
is protected from the usual spam, which comes from a non-subscriber, by
the fact that submissions from non-subscribers are rejected.  This is
the first line of defense.

However, I did have, until about a month or so ago, a
publicly-available database of all the subscribers' email addresses--
it was on the website, which is probably where
john at eurocrew.demon.co.uk grabbed it.  He apparently then sent out
form letters to each subscriber, such as the one Mike Orton received

It is for this very reason I have deleted the email addresses of our
group from the subscriber directory; now only names and curriculum
vitae are listed.  One can see how easily one's emailbox could suffer
from an onslaught of commercial mail..


PS.  I think Mandy's is an interesting place, it is a link on the
telecine webpage, but it is for-profit, as far as I remember from my
previous visits.

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