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Re: judging color correct

>--- Forwarded mail from "Bill Topazio" <bt at edny.univid.com>
.... but I don't think the ITS is in a position
>to judge an award like this.........
>I want to stop short of saying that this award has no merit; I fully
>understand and appreciate what the role of the Colorist is, I just
>get the feeling that this is not the best way to show that appreciation.
>--- End of forwarded message from "Bill Topazio" <bt at edny.univid.com>
All seriousness aside, I have to agree with Bill. I've always had a horror
of the mutual admiration shows into which most awards degenerate.

What's more: where do you stop??? Where's the Telecine Engineer of the year
award, or the award for the "most creative explanation to a music video
client why you are not going to smear vaseline on the 35mm gate lens", eh?

Seems to me that an ounce of repeat business, and a gram of continuous high
quality employment is worth a pound of awards or a kilogram of adulation
from one's peers. There is also that oh-so-intangible "quality", for which
I would like to proffer the following definition:
 "the achievement of results which would be deemed to be of a high
aesthetic standard by oneself and preferably others, in an environment
which is conducive to the production of those results".

It's surprising how few of the "gigs" which are available to the
subscribers to this group could be deemed to fully satisfy both of those

Ha! where's your awards system now, ITS?

Regards to all..
Mike "call me Mr. Contentious" Orton

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