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Re: judging color correct

On Oct 27, 21:15, Mike Orton wrote:
} Subject: Re: judging color correct

> All seriousness aside, I have to agree with Bill. I've always had a horror
> of the mutual admiration shows into which most awards degenerate.

Reminiscent of pyramid sales rallies, aren't they?  I think many of us
recognize their absurdities.

> What's more: where do you stop??? Where's the Telecine Engineer of the year
> award, 

Well, there you go, SMPTE will soon be sponsoring it, you'll get a
bronzed CRT.  At each facility where I've worked, there have been
people such as you, Mike, who deserve mention in our acceptance
speeches.  ;-)

Truly, there seems to be an award hyperconsciousness in our society
now, what with all those 'my child is student of the
month/week/interval' bumperstickers I see.

> Seems to me that an ounce of repeat business, and a gram of continuous high
> quality employment is worth a pound of awards or a kilogram of adulation
> from one's peers. 

> It's surprising how few of the "gigs" which are available to the
> subscribers to this group could be deemed to fully satisfy both of those
> criteria.

Ah, you refer to our trade as a business like any other.  In some
cases it is, in some not.  All I have to do is go to Downtown Los
Angeles for lunch, to realize there is a world of business quite apart
from what we do.  Here in Hollywood, it's interesting for me to work
in what I construe as the four main client divisions:

Commercials  -- usually the most businesslike clients, with fairly
	elevated intelligence, though driven by insane attention 
	to detail
Episodic     -- can be the most pleasant group with whom to work,
	relatively normal in fact
 & Trailers  -- steroidal Hollywood, ego-making over-achieving
	youth-worshipping bulldozers
Music Videos -- 'let's play'  ...working at the edges of the
	equipment's capabilities.. 

disclaimer for overgeneralization: two of my favorite clients are in
Trailers/TV spots for features.


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